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Buggy Tamiya DF-03 Avante Mrk. II - 58387 2007

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Buggy Tamiya DF-03 Avante Mrk. II - 58387

Sender og modtager: Spektrum DX3S og SR3520
Servo: Futaba 9550 - low profile
Esc: Nosram (har glemt hvad den hedder, men samme som LRP SPX stock spec.)
Motor: LRP x20 stock spec. 13.5t
Batterier: Nosram 4600 mah stickpack LiPo
Transponder: Lapsnapper
ca. 50 km/t
ca. 1500 g
These are the parts that are not from the original Avante Mrk. II:

Tamiya parts:
Center Oneway
29t pinion
Smaller spurgear
Heatsinks (painted black)
Front steel-outdrives in the back

Carson parts:
Alu steering system (se other FB post for details)
Front Dampertower

3Racing parts
Alu servoarm

Team C:
Rear Wing

Yeah Racing:
Alu. hexes for wheels

Wheels (I have used my "Show-wheels" on the photos)
Det er indtil videre skrevet på engelsk, da jeg også har lagt den op i en engelsk FB gruppe :-)

I have been tinkering with my Df-03 Avante mrk. 2 for allmost 6 month. I have been trying to make a raceworthy buggy, that I can race against a small group of "hobby-racers" that meets locally on tracks we make in our own yards (and other suitable places).

I'm now finish (in the sense that it is ready to race - not that I won't ever buy upgrades for it again :-D), and I wanted to show you what I have done. Feel free to comment, I'm always looking for ways to make my cars better, flashy'er, faster on a track etc. :-)

It all started when I bought two cars, from a guy who had used it to have fun, together with his son. Only upgrade was a slipperclutch in both cars. It was my idea to make two cars from them, one for me, and one for my son. But then I bought an old Manta Ray for my son (partly because I read about the problems with the diffs in the DF-03, and partly because it was cheap...), and I decided to make one "supercar" and use the rest as spares.

I fixed the car up without buying any new parts, and raced it with the others on an all grass track. It well reasonably well, but I didn't like the steering - the car couldn't turn sharp enough.

I decided to go "all-in", having up till then not been sure if I wanted to use this car, or my old Thunder Dragon as my main racecar. So I bought a bunch of gear from Tamico.de, and found other in my stash.

So here it is - all shiny and ready to race again in about two weeks time. Hope you like it :-)
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Buggy Tamiya DF-03 Avante Mrk. II - 58387